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Short for Cannabidiol, CBD is the second most active compound in Cannabis. It offers the medicinal benefits of Cannabis without the intoxicating effects. It’s become very popular due to it’s effects on stress, pain and mood.

Absolutely not. In Cannabis it’s the THC that intoxicates you. Because there is no THC in our oils you will not get high.

Yes, CBD is completely legal in the UK providing the THC levels are 0.2% or less. All of our products are manufactured by methods that remove THC completely. So there is no area for concern.

We want you to have full confidence in our products, that’s why we provide 3rd party lab testing to ensure the amount of CBD in each bottle is as advertised and that each of our products are completely free of THC.

We’ve focused our efforts on understanding terpenes (see below) and formulating the perfect blends to enhance our CBD use, because we don’t believe CBD is a one bottle fits all.

In the UK the recommended maximum dose for CBD is 70mg per day, each half a drop of our oils deliver 25mg, so we would recommend having half a drop twice a day across any of the bottles.

Terpenes are compounds found in many plants but are prevalent in Cannabis plants. They are what cause plants to have different scents. Each terpene provides health benefits from calming effects to mental alertness.

We’re glad you asked! Sustainability is important to us and we wanted to make sure our business wasn’t causing any harm to the environment directly or indirectly. That’s why we use a manufacturing process that’s organic, reusable and that has a very low carbon footprint, we deliver with recycled packaging and we even use an environmentally friendly host for our website.