At Sixth Scent CBD we’re passionate about CBD and how we can use it to enhance our everyday lives. We know from first hand experience that starting out in CBD can be a minefield, with all of the conflicting information at hand and so many brands to choose from – we want to change that! We’ve created a collection of oils using nature itself and we’re so excited for you to try them and join us on our journey, using CBD for every occasion.


Alissa’s knowledge and experience in the psychology field and mental wellbeing has been poured into Sixth Scent CBD. Each product created with complete wellness in mind, giving that feel good factor in mind, body and soul.

Scott’s education and interest in natural products helped bring our collection to life using nature’s own compounds to create each product and the individual benefits that come along with them.

We hope you love our brand as much as we’ve loved creating it for you.


Our Process

Growing Organically

Our CBD comes from EU approved, GM/pesticide/herbicide/fungicide free Cannabis Sativa L. plants. We work directly with the largest producer, manufacturer, and distributor of legal cannabis–derived products in the UK. They ensure that the crop is grown using organic farming practices.

Extraction and Separation

Our CBD oil is extracted in British labs to the highest standards using organic ethanol wheat based extraction. This method is not only recyclable and reusable but has a very low carbon footprint.
Using a pioneering new THC removal process, every single plant compound is extracted, selectively removing any unwanted compounds and impurities at a molecular level. This method gives us the cleanest, most pure CBD extract and enables us to be sure that our oil is completely THC free.
We then reintroduce our special formulation of terpenes one by one at defined ratios creating a fully customised, purpose-specific oil.

3rd Party Lab Analysis

Our supplier created the first dedicated cannabinoid testing facility in the UK. Our analytical testing is completed by a state-of-the-art High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) & Gas Chromatography to separate, identify and quantify each component, or cannabinoid at low levels (parts/millions).

Why is this important?
We want our oils to contain exactly what they say on the label, many companies aren’t transparent about their testing process and there is no other testing facility that tests a final product and quantify the exact amount in mg, analysis of cannabinoids by percentage doesn’t provide a precise result for the mg content of a product. This is because when analysing the strength in percentage people assume that 1 ml is equal to 1g or 1g/cm3, however the volumetric mass density of oil is approximately 0.93g/cm3. In English – people would think that a 10ml bottle with 5% CBD oil contains 500mg of CBD, however it would actually only contain 465mg of CBD.

Our testing method quantifies the exact level of CBD so that you can be sure you are getting exactly what you paid for.